Quilt Batting Boot Camp: How to Quilt with Different Types of Batting

Hiya, batters up! Here at Man stitching at present have been doing anentire stitching science tutorial for you on the entire distinctive forms of batting, washedand unwashed. Lets get began. I had some a lot fun getting ready this tutorialfor all of you. And its a fairly excellent factor in view that youhave no concept how many hours of free movement computing device quilting I was relatively getting myselfinto. So yes, it is stitching science at Man sewing. And what I need to do is I want to take awhole kind of exceptional types of batting and free movement quilt them.And so what i tried to do was once I used the exactsame fabrics, the certain identical threads. Sure the color changed considering I ran out ofthread like 4 thousand yards of thread later. I had a couple of color alterations however yeah. Equal material, same thread. The only factor that modified was the battingitself. So thank you, Quilters Dream. They despatched me nine one of a kind styles of battingto play with. So lets start running by means of these. The very first one, and for those who look acrossmy little fanned out list right here, Ive style of set them up in order.So the first one have been talking, or the firsttwo had been speakme about are cotton battings. These are 100% typical. Its a common fiber so youre going tohave extra shrinkage. So if youre looking for loft and pucker,cotton battings are distinguished for that. That is an example here. So the first examples Im going to showare going to be the unwashed samples. So this is the Cotton prefer. Its kind of a mid-loft form batting. And Im style of utilising some of the namesfrom Quilters Dream but various exclusive producers have these special sorts ofbattings out there. I simply appreciate the truth that I was ableto use all of them from the equal brand to preserve my science scan as scientificas feasible. Relocating ahead, good enough. So here is the Cotton select. Its like a mid-loft batting. It worked uncommon under the computer. That is all computer quilted. Satisfactory and tender from the quilting. However it truely, for the reason that it wasnt a realdense batting, oftentimes it didnt journey as fast as I expected it to.So it didnt have really the rigid feel soI couldnt push and pull it really as speedy. But I relatively cherished the believe below the needlethere. And this is what it appears like several washedup. This used to be really enjoyable. So I washed all of my batting samples togetherin the identical load with an awfully hot washing machine. And its all one hundred% cotton fabric and 100%cotton thread. So if there used to be any shrinking it particularly happenedwithin the batting itself. You will see that theres not a ton of loft inhere. It offers you sort of a quality vintage texture. And it washed up very good. And didnt have a gigantic mess on the edge. I left the entire edges uncooked so we could alsosee what occurred to the batting in the washing.Considering the fact that I had on no account washed a quilt earlier than. Ive at all times just put them on my wall andvacuumed them after they acquired dusty before. So moving down our series. And that i dont be aware of if which you can particularly tellif you look at my pile right here however the first one used to be the sort of a mid-loft and then thisis regarded a high loft cotton. And that greater loft cotton, Ive received alittle bit more pinch to it. The purpose that the loft matters is the loftgives us a bit bit extra elevation to the areas we do not computing device quilt. In order that they name theirs Cotton Delux. It has a fairly satisfactory hand on it. And in addition the heavier weight of the battingwhen it comes to the natural fibers, the hotter the quilt could be. So if youre watching at this for utilitarianuses, i might use a heavier cotton so that it stays best and warm.And also you get just a little bit extra from the workyoure doing within the loft and the computer quilting itself. They name their Delux. And that i really loved quilting on this as well. This is what it looks like washed. So youre going to get a better washed texture. Extra loft. More whatever use the phrase persona outof your batting pattern if youre using a better loft cotton batting than a reduce loftcotton batting. So I rather like the best way this washed samplefinished up very effectively. Adequate? Now have been going to talk about a couple of differentblends that are out there. The first combo is a in particular natural combo. Its a bamboo, silk and cotton mixture. All usual fibers. Im a little on the fence though. And i dont mean to be sounding negativebut bamboo, to my figuring out and that i would really like to be wrong about this.Bamboo just isn’t the quality fiber for textilesbut its a high-quality fiber for like lumber. So they use a little bit little bit of the bamboo. The bamboo gives it a very supple and softelegant believe to the batting though. And the silk mixture of the cotton madefor a very, very first-class batting to machine quilt. Simply, what Im seeking to say is its notnecessarily as eco-friendly as regularly we might need to think it is as a stitching fiber. And that goes for all makes use of of bamboo in thefiber given that of the way they have got to produce it, correct? But that is the variation of it unwashed. And it was very easy to laptop quilt by way of. Similar to the low-loft cotton. And right here it’s washed. And the washed feels virtually it has now moredrape than both of the primary two samples have received quite a few just right physique and provides to it. If I used to be giving a gift of a washed quilt thishas a very, very excellent conclude to it. And it actually looks like air in my arms.So I really do like the completing of the washedof the cotton-silk and tensile is an additional fiber that they use in there to aid kindof bond it all together. Bamboo, silk and cotton used to be this option. Ok? Staying in with our blends, however now weremoving into a combination. A mixture between traditional fibers like cottonor silk and/or synthetic fibers like polyester. Now polyester isnt going to diminish as much.It has somewhat bit extra longevity. And regularly we consider of poly because the pillowykind of batting. The, the larger loft. I have always quilted with an 80/20. Ive quite loved it for lots of years. It has a similar laptop capability like thehigh-loft cotton. So it has a good, what am I looking to say? As a sandwich its acquired a good think to itas Im moving it under the needle.It responds to my actions very good. So I did like that. It has a first-rate amount of loft. And what I did find after quilting all nineof these samples is the more dense the batting was once, the extra it induced my computing device to vibrate. And sure I put a fresh needle in with everysingle pattern as we at all times should. That vibration precipitated, you recognize, some audiblefatigue, some visible fatigue. And i might bodily think the fatigue inthe desktop. Each pattern took me a bit over an hourto computer quilt. So funny ample, the more dense the battinggot, the more problematic it used to be to machine quilt or laptop quilt for an extended period oftime. So those of you who are new, Im going tosuggest extra of the cottons since they are easier to your physique even as youre learningyour rhythm. Adequate? This is an eighty/20 so that’s going to be 80%cotton, 20% polyester. And here is the washed version. It washed up very effectively.Similar to the mid-loft cotton. Now not rather as supple because the mixture with thebamboo and the silk in it. But as I said this has been a favourite styleof batting for me for years. The 80/20. And i rather like the best way it washed up. So now I suppose at ease to throw some ofmy quilts within the wash, right? Seeing that i do know thats whats in them. This is one I hadnt performed with beforeand I particularly did just like the feel of this. Extra dense so it began to turn out to be a littlebit harder to laptop quilt or a bit extra fatigued but boy I liked the way in which it movedunder the needle. So this can be a 70% cotton, 30% poly.So extra polyester than the last pattern. It has a little extra loft to it so itsgot a little more elevation in the quilting. And was very fine to maneuver, like I stated, whentrying to track underneath that needle. Here is the washed version, adequate? So these are real enjoyable. Not a tremendous change between the, the feelof the washed, just a bit more loft in this between the 80/20 and the 70/30. So i would absolutely use this batting in projectsas well, adequate? And probably the more washability. Thats one factor I must point out.The extra polyester within the batting, the morelongevity within the washability in view that of that synthetic fiber. So probably a youngster quilt good wish to thinkabout, proper? Now Ive received to admit, one in every of my all timefavorite battings, i have used this before and Im not sure if other manufacturersmake it or now not. Please forgive me. That is referred to as Dream green. And it’s comprised of recycled water bottles. Right here comply with me over to my samples. So weve already executed a couple of these. So it’s created from recycled water bottles. And that I suppose is brilliant due to the fact it givesyou that eco friendly flavor I was after for the bamboo. And i inform you what, this batting, like alow to mid-loft polyester, just needled excellent.Very little physique fatigue from me whilst machinequilting it. And i really appreciated the conclude hand on it. Its very mild. This is one in every of my all time favorite battings. Its a private option of path. And i tried to quilt you a little recycledsymbol in there to remind you that its created from recycled water bottles which I thinkis a slick proposal. Now here it’s washed. It quite held up effectively in the washing laptop. So if youre going for something that canbe laundered mostly and no longer popping out watching real ratty or tattered, rather than the factthat I forgot to pick all my fuzzes off, right? So this can be a fairly first-class batting to work withfor washed or unwashed quilts.So once more Ive used it before and that i willdefinitely use it again on that one. Now as I said, polyester is for loft. And loft is a lot of enjoyable specially if youlike trapunto variety quilts which means youre going to be leaving areas exposed and otherareas tightly quilted so that you get a number of persona to your quilting. So the first one I did was once a mid-loft poly. The mid-loft poly still has extra characterthan a high-loft cotton. It used to be very easy to computer quilt throughalthough the density you might to believe it in assessment to the cotton. So cotton is still a bit easier for usnewer desktop quilters. It has a first-rate rigid think so if youre doingwall quilts, artwork quilts, quilts that possibly have a number of fusible net in them. And youre involved about them sagging additional time given that of the weight in different matters that you just used on your quilt, i would recommenda polyester batting. It simply gives you a quality, just a little further structure. One can find how with no trouble it stands up on itsown like that, good enough? After which for the washed variation, lots of fun.Extra persona as I stated than the washed versionof the high loft cotton batting. A real fun, enjoyable way to do it. And once more if youre doing baby quilts orsomething, this must, you realize, a lifetime. Although you begin with it as a, as a newbie,right? So thats an actual fun technique to do it there. And then one of my all time favorites whenit involves personality, of direction, is the high loft poly. Now the high loft poly gives you that greatquilting loft that gives you a ton to play with. I’ll say although I observed, there used to be two thingsI need to point out when quilting with a larger loft batting, and that i in particular experiencedit in this excessive loft poly.The better the loft of the batting, the moreimportant it is that you simply quilt from your core outward. In view that if youre quilting in an subject andthen you return and also you trap yourself its very effortless to create puckers. There are locations on this sample the place I accidentallycovered it up so much, and i dont even see it on the moment. However unwell, i will to find it, where I quiltedthe pucker and it truly stitched over the top of the material and it lost the stitching. And i had to come back and put within the stitching. So what Im seeking to say is the loft createssuch a colossal quantity of, of gravity there that when youre stitching around you’ve tobe very careful. So begin and work your method out. Dont try to come again into sections oryoure going to become in predicament.Nevertheless, once it washed up, obstacle or now not,it has, you recognize, powerful personality. I hope i have this so much character as I approachmy senior years considering i have a sense i’ll. I assume I get a variety of persona from smilingthey tell me. And i smile an terrible lot. So i’ll look like this on the end of myquilting career Im definite. I might be a excessive loft batting illustration. Now that is fun too. Those of you understand that follow Man stitching thatwe film right here in Missouri with the MSQC and they have got spread out a particularly cool location calledthe machine Shed and so Im going to go away these batting samples there. So if youre ever in Hamilton, Missouriyou can see these. However dont look too close since the backis a disaster. I had a pair real issues in a few of thebattings and that helped me be taught probably the most matters Im seeking to coach you today.So that you cant decide me on my quilting. I used to be doing it speedily. However you could definitely judge me on the videobecause I feel had been performing some excellent stitching science here. So thats the high loft batting. The very last pattern, this is whatever Ihad now not played with before. I heard lots about it. And thats wool batting. Wool has a couple of neat traits. Of path there may be splendid warmness involvedin wool. And so if youre looking to make somethingto hold an individual heat within the mountain climates or something, a wool batting is a first-class alternative.However, i’ll say the wool batting justhad a lot more weight. And as you quilted it, it grew to become very dense. This used to be the most complicated for me to freemotion laptop quilt. And it wasnt simply due to the fact that it used to be one ofthe final samples I quilted and i used to be getting worn out. I did two a day so I had a very good bodymechanics going. And that i just felt the extra I quilted the wooldown the extra dense it grew to be the more harder it became to move, the extra weight. So if you happen to have been doing a king or queen sizequilt it might turn out to be a bit bit problematical.But when you need the warmth, the wool is wellworth the trouble. And right here it is washed. And i had additionally heard that washed wool couldbe tricky. And i discovered that at the least the washed woolI was using used to be exceptional. And let me maintain it still so you will see thecharacter thats concerned there. See you get quite a few personality like you wouldin a high loft after its washed. And i really like that. Its fine and soft and pliable again, unlikethe unwashed. So once we delivered some water it kind of wasmore forgiving in its, in its body well call that, correct? After which should you seem at the edges I didnthave any actual problems. I didnt lose any of the wool in the wash. All of this came out and i’ve not lint rolledany of it. I used to be anticipating it to be a massive ball of messas it came out of the washer and dryer from all of the free fibers I left.And really everything treated very, very well. So that’s my sewing science for you todayon the distinctive styles of batting. All of them had been very gratifying to work with. I want you to have the different knowledgeso which you could go out and play and scan. And if I ignored a batting pattern that youwant to grasp my opinion on, please drop it within the comments below. And good see you next time at Man stitching..