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Howdy, i am Paik Jong gained (Paik Jong received) (does a) (cooking vlog) (Paik’s Cooking Log) (Gimbap)(From A to Z) If the rice tastes just right, that is it [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] we will make gimbap at present! Various people think gimbap is hard to make now not because i am bad at it but today i’ll begin with whatever very handy and do whatever very difficult As if we’re learning how one can stroll from crawling Gimbap? All you need is seaweed and rice We eat them at all times simply rice and seaweed collectively Use a bamboo mat and roll it i will spoil the stereotypes about gimbap you’ll have we will have fun with gimbap in these days we’ll mess around with it if you’ve under no circumstances made gimbap before, i’ll make you suppose confidentabout making gimbap If you’re a foreigner anddont have an understanding of what i am saying you might wonderwhat we’re making at present Sushi, Korean sushi, no! Gimbap! I will instruct you the way to make gimbap okay To make gimbap you without doubt want seaweed subsequent…(The certain measurements…) don’t fear about it! It is gimbap so you need seaweed and also you need rice! (put together seaweed and rice) The bamboo mat? You don’t need it now (STEP.1 Seaweed)At supermarkets that you can effectively in finding seaweed There are ones for gimbap Some are toasted twice Some aren’t even toasted it doesn’t matter on the grounds that this one is just not flavored now not toasted nor flavored just very undeniable seaweed there is no salt on it [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] (STEP.2 Seasoning)standard salt Flavoring salt Salt, flavoring salt Flavoring salt tastes higher it’s okay to use simply regular salt It tastes smooth The foremost thing for gimbapis to season the rice well If the rice is pro good it is going to taste good should you handiest usepickled radish, or simply rice and seaweed For actual Add some salt first (Flavoring salt 1 tsp (3g))Add more than you suppose you could want Some just right gimbap places use flavoring salt Some locations use MSG in the event you use flavoring salt at dwelling it is going to style better In terms of rice it is better if the rice is overcooked rather than below cooked in the event you had to pick Overcooked, underneath cooked do not worry about in case you had to make a decision between the 2 relatively overcooked rice is just right for making gimbap subsequent is sesame oil (Sesame oil 2 tbsp (12g)) The nice variety of rice for gimbap is after doing all that you simply all of the sudden don’t wish to make gimbap (Radish salad / remember?)and need to eat the rice with radish salad Then that rice is excellent Oh, it can be excellent [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] Fish cake Get a package like this you should utilize some crab sticks that you can comfortably get this package of pickled radish and burdock root that you may additionally add some ham You could as well add some sausages when you’ve got them Sausages like these for kids that is what my youngsters consume Making gimbap is like making bibimbap What’s bibimbap? Add something you’ve and blend it in Gimbap is adding anything you could have and rolling it (STEP.3 Rolling gimbap)we could get began? Here’s what gimbap professionals do snatch some rice in a single hand Stick it to the seaweed carry them again together Like this Do I appear legitimate? Spread the rice as thinly as which you can The most important factor is Do you need to go all the way? Supposedly, sure You will have to roll the gimbap in order that this finish phase meets the opposite finish after rolling however that’s rather intricate to do and and many folks provide u.S. Do not fear about that don’t worry about overlaying the end simply spread the rice thinly and then just roll it convenient that is gimbap See? It’s gimbap If the rice tastes excellent, that’s it lets make some extra? An upgraded variation Say you might have pickled radish and eggs on your fridge (STEP.4 adding components) (Some cooking oil) (1 egg) consider the fried eggyou could make for your self? Make one to be as wide as the seaweed which you can destroy the yolk (Make fried egg as large as the seaweed) but add some salt to season it (Some flavoring salt) Oh! It broke (Fried egg will also be damaged) What i’m saying is gimbap doesn’t have got to be specified It quite is not very well then Use one hand Like this in regards to the size of a baseball If you do not know how colossal a baseball is then a tennis ball in the event you rather cannot tell take a peek after which Like this try again Press it down rather As if you are a legit A stick of pickled radish Put it in the center Then the egg Like this Roughly you are speculated to roll like this however let me show you anything less difficult Fold it Press down rough it is going to stick and then roll it up should you cut it after rolling like this you can see whatever like a yin-yang mark Say you did it on intent and then at the finish? Use water since it can be now not for others to consume Coat the gimbap with sesame oilbefore reducing it (Coat the gimbap with sesame oil)This appears like retailer-bought it can be scrumptious (Making it simplest with fried egg is just right)(are attempting making it within out) [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] (STEP.5 making use of)Now that we all know the trick to it Let’s add the burdock root that is been braised it is convenient, huh? Position the pickled radish place the burdock root Crab stick and then what? Oh, the sausage Sausage (cut the sausage in half of) alternatively of utilising these sausages or ham as is grill them first (Grilling the sausage or hamenhances the flavor) If you are staring at from other international locations or you’re foreigners, you generally do not have this it’s offered at supermarkets in Korea however don’t be discouraged you probably have do not burdock roots i’m going to exhibit you some thing else you are able to do Oh, it’s a little bit burnt utilizing grilled sausages in gimbaphas to be good Slice it in half of and grill consider what I did earlier? Just roll it over like this Oh, it can be sizzling maintain them in location Press it Press it so that they’d stick Press it Supposedly, this end is meant to fulfill the opposite end but we should not have adequate fillingto try this correct? Don’t stress over that Roll up the gimbap and press it rough so that there is not any air inside of just ensure all of them stick after which roll it to the tip identical to this this is what you do after which use some water that is it Then what do you do subsequent? Most gimbap locations do that Wrap it like this within the bamboo mat to make the shape you don’t have to do that at home (Some sesame oil) (Use any elements you like) watching beautiful just right, huh? Should you use the sausage, you are not looking for crab stick fairly it can be a waste [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] all right let’s make the real gimbap now i am telling you If I set my intellect to it i can make quite good gimbap i’m kidding i’m now not good at it Gimbap tastes the high-quality at Gimbap eating places those women are the quality at making it This time we will use very natural gimbap parts let’s examine These usually are not a ought to but very traditional…How must I say it? No longer FM, what do you name it? Yes, common! Normal gimbap in English Pickled radish! For pickled radish… If you happen to can not find the one for gimbap and all you have got is thesehalf-moon shaped pickled radish you see at chinese eating places or probably anything like this You simply reduce this into strips again within the historic days, pickled radishes had been very bland So that is what persons who’re goodat cooking did back then for those who happen to reside in foreign nations the place you cannot in finding good pickled radishes, here’s what you can do don’t get discouraged!Buy this form, and reduce it into lengthy strips and then get a colossal bowl in order that radishes can take a seat in About this tremendous combine the sugar and vinegar at 1:1 ratio You wouldn’t need to drink itor consume it with a spoon but it will have to be suitable for eating About that much! I get the feeling that some of you probablywant me to show you ways to try this good This tastes k however i am doing it just to show you I care about these on the opposite aspect of the globe that is fascinated about you i am no longer involved about men and women in Korea however be certain to make use of ordinary vinegar,now not apple vinegar At 1:1 ratio (Brown sugar 2/3 cup (100g),vinegar 2/three cup (130g)) (Water 2/3 cup (130g))The identical for water i am no longer telling you the special ratio since vinegar tastes different in all different countries Some are robust, some usually are not It tastes just right Even those bought at usual markets don’t seem to be like this they are almost always pro and flavored good up to now, they were not We had to pickle them My mother used to make particularly good gimbap She did this at all times My friends rather preferred her gimbap Her trick was to pickle the radish like this prematurely (Pickle the undeniable radishin sugar and vinegar mixture) try doing this for those who slice the radish,it’s going to make you suppose like a cooking master o.K. Then Or that you could slice it very thinly like this when you would not have much time Make it skinny you can use a number of strips [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] What makes you believe gimbap tastes good are seasoning, savory style of sesame oil, sweetness and saltiness, and the final thing is the feel! While you bite into it a further thing iswhen you keep gimbap like this the colour! Additionally, the style of meat The mixture of these decides whether gimbap tastes good or no longer there are such a lot of one-of-a-kind forms of gimbap that you can make with the perfectcombination of these matters [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] So, pickled radish and burdock root are in a position And the spinach You should buy spinach they are in season Many persons wonder what to do with the basis should you cut it off like this with scissors or anything they’re all separated This works if you happen to usea small amount at a time however if you wish to use more spinach in order that it looks very green inside,it’s higher to make use of the bunch So i’m going to exhibit you each ways Trim off simply the little bit on the finish so they do not get separated (smooth the spinach) that you could rather blanch the spinach we could are attempting it? But we’re type of lazy (Some cooking oil)Add a little bit of oil (Coat the pan with oil and add the spinach) slightly bit of salt (Some flavoring salt) (somewhat blanch or stir-fry spinach) I shouldn’t let you know the entire shortcuts It takes no time, proper? We’ve got yellow and green able What can we have got to do subsequent? Eggs It takes the longest but you got to have it Many folks stress over it For gimbap if you are jogging a restaurant that all of these must appear exceptional but you’re making it for yourself We care about how it appears later on proper? We pointed out it It failed to seem great when rolled nevertheless it was once ok when cut i’m now not telling you thisto try to rip-off you The equal goes for eggs Egg sheets do not get pressured over it for gimbap, I mean! I will support you destroy the eggs I advise utilizing eggs when making gimbap (utilising eggs in gimbap is recommended)which you could pass in case you use ham or sausage This a lot (Some flavoring salt)We should add some salt I suggest adding some sugar when making egg sheets (Some brown sugar)Eggs and sugar go well collectively Add some oil (Some cooking oil)An considerable amount! Our channel subscribers will have to know Fried egg What makes it taste just right? Over excessive warmth! Like deep-frying in oil! You might as good make the egg sheet lovely thick instead than skinny The great fried egg is when the egg is practically deep-fried both up and down What i like the most! Let me pour within the eggs The oil is just about burning it’s not relevant simply pour it in! (STEP.6+1 Making egg sheet VER.1) I odor whatever burning it’s okay, don’t fear you are wondering, "How do I flip this?" look cautiously Use lengthy chopsticks Like this Like this Did you see? Carry it like this Like putting laundry! Flip it it’s ok should you mess up, do not fear that is it (VER.1 general egg sheet)One is finished For the next one i’m going to show you it particularly doesn’tmatter how you make it (Some cooking oil)Add some cooking oil warmth the pan as so much as that you can (STEP.6+2 Making egg sheet VER.2) that you may shake it up like this Why? It goes within the gimbap "Oh, it’s all ripped aside!" "Oh, no!""it’s scrambled eggs" it’s not relevant (do not get pressured about egg sheet) move the great one to the plate okay "Oh, what will have to we do?" "Let’s are attempting flipping" this is really scrambled eggs it is sizzling it’s totally okay The eggs are in a position you don’t even have to reduce it just pour it onto the plate (no one would know if they may be messy) [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] (STEP.6-2 normal gimbap (rolling gimbap)the entire constituents are ready now (Roasted fish cake, eggs,julienned carrots, spinach, pickled radish) First i will show you two versions of gimbap you’re occupied with clutch some rice, stick it to the seaweed spread the rice the first one after which a further one Time to meet your curiosity The same up to now For the first one Pickled radish Burdock roots Carrots Spinach Egg Crab stick that is the primary one The one other one Pickled radish Burdock roots Carrots This spinach is particularly huge Egg Curious? (Stacked) (spread)you are curious, proper? Okay, rolling don’t worry an excessive amount of,simply roll it Then press difficult so that every one theingredients stick collectively Like this So they do not slip sideways How? They don’t fall This one is kind of performed Do the same for this one Roll and press in order that they don’t fall out and then finish with water This one, too (Coat the completed gimbap with sesame oil) you’re curious, aren’t you? Look! (do not fear how you put the ingredients)They appear the identical i’m saying they are the entire identical! [Paik Jong Won’s Secret Ingredients] one more essential thing is utilizing the bamboo mat it can be easier to roll with it i’m going to exhibit you the right way to do it i’m showing you the right way to usethe bamboo mat when you consider that individuals who make it won’t find it irresistible if i don’t use it for making gimbap they are going to think humans do not buythe bamboo mat on the grounds that of me You need it! This time i’ll make one utilising the bamboo mat (STEP.6-three basic gimbap (utilizing bamboo mat))The proper approach to make gimbap Bamboo mat helps create the form I showed you tips on how to make gimbapwithout it so that you just is not going to stop just in view that you wouldn’t have it in case you duvet the the tip of seaweed, you surely need the bamboo mat This time we’ll put the egg on the bottom placing flat ingredients at the backside makes it pretty (place the materials) okay after which take the top like this which you could press more difficult with the bamboo mat (less difficult to press with the bamboo mat) that you can tell it can be stuck i’m telling you why should youbuy the bamboo mat if you don’t make gimbap at house, grasp some snap shots on it it’s not constantly for gimbap it’s very priceless here is why you need to usethe bamboo mat See how good they may be caught? You should use it, right? This one appears rather just right! I’m proud of myself appear! You need the bamboo mat I didn’t press as difficult at the ends (common gimbap is finished) See? The ones made with the bamboo matlook significantly better since people are animals that knowhow to use instruments I endorse utilising tools Now we are going to use these basic components and make upgraded types (click right here)Flitto – finest subtitles translation (And here, too)Flitto – finest subtitles translation