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How to Make a Handmade Paper Picture Frame

[Music] methods to make a handmade paper photograph body handmade paper frames make attractive borders for pictures create a customized handmade paper body utilizing the next steps you are going to need a sheet of cardstock a cardboard or a thick plastic sheet a craft knife a mold and deckle a vat of paper pulp a flat floor a damp material and tape not obligatory two flat snapshot frames and a screen step 1 decide upon a bit of heavy cardstock that’s better than the picture you desire to border trace the shape of the cardstock onto a cardboard or plastic sheet that is the same measurement as your mildew and deckle permitting for one more inch on each and every aspect cut out the shape using your craft knife step 2 location the cardboard stencil between your mold and deckle dip the mold and deckle into the VAT of paper pulp at a 45-degree perspective and draw them towards you if you happen to are not able to find a mold and deckle at a craft retailer construct your possess from two flat photo frames with a screen hooked up to considered one of them step three raise the mildew deckle and stencil to the skin in a single continuous motion then take away them from the pole permit the water to empty shaking the mildew and deckle from part to facet step four get rid of the deckle and switch the layer of pulp throughout the stencil to a flat floor protected with the aid of a damp material by using putting the mould upside down on the surface tapping the display a couple of occasions after which raising the mildew up let the paper dry step 5 cut a window for the photograph out of the paper body along with your craft knife and then tape the picture to the back of the body subsequently tape the cardboard stock backing over the back of the body did you know the picture body was once a late progress in Western art gaining popularity throughout the Renaissance in Europe you

How to Cut Lillypilly Copper Sheets

hi this is julie with pursuits so i’ve laid out an assortment here and i have a couple different styles going obviously and you’ll see i have different embossed patterns and then i also have different patinas on top of them one thing i do want to let you know is that this is actually the same patina but it’s a different coverage and these are all gonna vary of course these are different sheets because one is embossed and one isn’t but the patina you’ll see even if it’s the same style of patina the actual pattern and the amount it covers is going to vary which makes for really unique art pieces so I’ve got these wonderful embossed sheets and also a couple solid ones too that are thirty six gauge thirty-six gauge isn’t gonna be it’s really flexible I can just bend it with my hands is not taking any strength and then I’ve also got a much stronger very sturdy 24 gauge sheet as well and these are all in the copper you’ll see they’ve got their nice copper backs I have an inspiration project here that I’ve done and that’s a little headband where I’ve taken the lillypilly copper sheets actually cut a round to fit within the bezel setting here and then I took little ones that I hole punched and then I just curled their edges with my fingers so I want to show you how easy this is to cut I’ve got some sheets here I’ve already been working on now if you’re working with a 36 gauge you can cut it with a pair of scissors you can just go like that so you can get nice curves to it or if you like you can cut it with a pair of metal shears it’s gonna cut real easy as well and what’s great about the 36 gauge is you can actually hold punch it with a paper punch now bear in mind paper punches were not intended for this purpose so it is going to wear down your paper punch a lot quicker than if you’re using paper all you have to do put it in there and what’s nice you can actually see where you’re gonna punch it and I like to use both hands so I put it over it squeeze and it punches a little circle for you or whatever shape punch you have you can tell it does ruffle the edges a little bit and you can just flatten that out with your fingers or if you like you can curve it up into whatever shape you desire the edges will be a little bit sharp this is nice and rounded here but if you had a paper cutter that had square corners they are going to be a little bit sharp so bear that in mind now if you wanted to use the 24 gauge copper sheeting what you’re going to need to cut it with is not a pair of scissors but you will need your middle shears or a jeweler saw and so to cut this you can see I’ve already cut a little notch just cut it like so and it’s very easy to cut and again it will have some sharp edges so you might want to file those down with a diamond file now another option in addition to the paper punches are metal hole punches I’ve got a little round one here a 1.8 millimeter and you’ll see it all you have to do put the sheet between the two noses and punch you have a perfect little hole and that is all there is to cutting and using the lillypilly copper sheets you