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California Design Den Luxe🌺 100% Cotton Sheets (600 Thread Count) TWIN XL👈

Welcome back to the channel i have a newsheet set I obtained for my dorm room these sheets are the lux sequence fromCalifornia design den i am hoping that these will be better than the sheetsI’ve been using my dorm and support me with the better night time’s sleepI’m residence now because of this that it can be summertime however my beds at tuition aretwin XL i have been utilising a sheets that I bought in my college which is apolyester cotton mix they may be not that relaxed actually they’re reallyscratchy at night and i’ve a rough time snoozing so let’s take a appear at the boxas I recounted these are from the California design dead they are from thelux sequence which are 600 thread rely the sheets are 100% lengthy staple combedcotton as well they’re designed to get softer after each and every wash i really like thaton the facet of the box you’ll see all about California design den there is evena QR code if you want to do immediately to their internet site here you have some moreinformation about the sheets what they’re designed for a way they’redesigned and lots of certifications on their aspect so let’s get opening up all right so listed here are the sheets withthe field out of the way all proper so I do wish to point out proper away that thesedo are available a style of colors proper here I do have the white I just love thecleanliness and purity of the colour white so i like having that on my bedthey additionally are available exceptional sizes so here i’ve the Quin XL for my collegedorm mattress relatively so here on the within you’ll be able to find a record of matters to makesure you do maintain your sheets in just right all righty relatively gentle betterthan significantly better than sheets that i’ve i am definitely fairly impressedthough the priceless care instructions do say that you just must follow the careinstructions that are listed on the label and after you wash them for me ifthe sheets swiftly easy the dryer so you would not have a variety of wrinkles allright so this can be a twin additional lengthy for this package deal I did get a prime sheet afitted sheet in a single pillowcase I do suppose that while you get larger up likea full and perhaps a queen you do get two pillowcases but already these are justso so so so tender much better than what I already have correct now I did discover onthe equipped sheets here what try discovering it however it does label the highest and bottomfor you considering i know as you get better up in exact mattress sizes and when you puta geared up sheet on it may be the sort of rough thing to do given that you do not know whichis prime which is backside and one more little factor is that for somereason it is consistently quite difficult for me to get that stuff on anyway so here’s thenice label it says head minimize foot this definitely helps you identify where youneed to put this in your face now I do like the satisfactory of the tags i’m gonnashow you the one in pillowcase for you alright so here’s a closer appear at thetag right here we do see Californian design den and on the backside you will see that thatthis in special is a regular pillowcase it can be 100 percent cottonand made in India it does exhibit you some excellent recommendations on how to preserve andwash and on the highest it does say smooth cycle washed individually excellent goodkey notes if you want to make this set an enduring set I do want to exhibit youthe nice of this elastic an extra factor i’ve a problem with fittedsheets in precise it can be the elastic it is stretched out or I become you knowstretching it out on account that i am hanging it on the incorrect side or whatever like thisbut that is first-class it is gonna be it can be gonna surely stay in location and youdon’t must worry about continuously having to put it on each night o.K. So herewe have the top sheet the highest sheet is very very gentle similar to the leisure andwow I simply i love the feeling of this it feels so expensive and very very cleanand like I said which you could get this in different colors I simply selected white becauseI like having white sheets however Wow like this is gonna make a night time’s sleepreally relatively peaceful additionally like i spotted smooth sheets are inclined to you knowkeep cool i like sound asleep in a cooler discipline and why I feel that is gonna makeevery thanks so significantly better some sheetsthey’re so thin that you may virtually see via them however these they’re very verythick very thick yet very gentle even as and so tender.I the fine andstitching on here is pretty immaculate i will say very thick this is a closer lookat the stitching as you see it is nicely doneyou can there may be numerous excellent on this already and that i can not wait to put these onmy bed at university all right so i will get these washed put them on my mattress atschool I can’t wait to have this sort of exceptional sleep after this i’ve been wanting nicersheets and i believe these are going to do the job so much better than what Ialready have all right so that could be a look at the California design dead twin excelsheets please examine the description part below for any dimensionsmeasurements or any solutions to any questions you could have please the likebutton subscribe to our channel for more studies thanks for observing

How to Cut Lillypilly Copper Sheets

hi this is julie with pursuits so i’ve laid out an assortment here and i have a couple different styles going obviously and you’ll see i have different embossed patterns and then i also have different patinas on top of them one thing i do want to let you know is that this is actually the same patina but it’s a different coverage and these are all gonna vary of course these are different sheets because one is embossed and one isn’t but the patina you’ll see even if it’s the same style of patina the actual pattern and the amount it covers is going to vary which makes for really unique art pieces so I’ve got these wonderful embossed sheets and also a couple solid ones too that are thirty six gauge thirty-six gauge isn’t gonna be it’s really flexible I can just bend it with my hands is not taking any strength and then I’ve also got a much stronger very sturdy 24 gauge sheet as well and these are all in the copper you’ll see they’ve got their nice copper backs I have an inspiration project here that I’ve done and that’s a little headband where I’ve taken the lillypilly copper sheets actually cut a round to fit within the bezel setting here and then I took little ones that I hole punched and then I just curled their edges with my fingers so I want to show you how easy this is to cut I’ve got some sheets here I’ve already been working on now if you’re working with a 36 gauge you can cut it with a pair of scissors you can just go like that so you can get nice curves to it or if you like you can cut it with a pair of metal shears it’s gonna cut real easy as well and what’s great about the 36 gauge is you can actually hold punch it with a paper punch now bear in mind paper punches were not intended for this purpose so it is going to wear down your paper punch a lot quicker than if you’re using paper all you have to do put it in there and what’s nice you can actually see where you’re gonna punch it and I like to use both hands so I put it over it squeeze and it punches a little circle for you or whatever shape punch you have you can tell it does ruffle the edges a little bit and you can just flatten that out with your fingers or if you like you can curve it up into whatever shape you desire the edges will be a little bit sharp this is nice and rounded here but if you had a paper cutter that had square corners they are going to be a little bit sharp so bear that in mind now if you wanted to use the 24 gauge copper sheeting what you’re going to need to cut it with is not a pair of scissors but you will need your middle shears or a jeweler saw and so to cut this you can see I’ve already cut a little notch just cut it like so and it’s very easy to cut and again it will have some sharp edges so you might want to file those down with a diamond file now another option in addition to the paper punches are metal hole punches I’ve got a little round one here a 1.8 millimeter and you’ll see it all you have to do put the sheet between the two noses and punch you have a perfect little hole and that is all there is to cutting and using the lillypilly copper sheets you