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🍅Live: FAQ’s of the Week – Fall Gardening, Ladder Mesh, Do I Have Time to plant Cukes? (REPLAY)

Hi each person welcome to our Mondaylivestream and i notably need to welcome i do know we now have some newbies inthe condo at present pepper man is a new viewer on our livestream I need to welcome pepper man and just so every body knows if you are brandnew here we do reside movement most Mondays at noon pacific time so I regularly postwhat i’m gonna be streaming about over on Instagram so when you do not comply with meon Instagram make certain you do it is a @calikim29 and we even have digicam guyagain on your inexperienced persons he’s my husband he films most of our videos he’s in thehouse as good underneath CaliKim garden and dwelling and you comply with him on Instagramtoo @calicameraguy he always publish some relatively cool graphics in the back of thescenes when he shoots our movies a number of different fun stuff so you definitelywant to ensure you sure that you are following him so it is it actuallyactually had a little bit of a cooler week this week in the 80s which is areally quality trade but on the finish of the week it can be purported to warmness back up intothe triple digit temperatures and i desired to permit you to guys comprehend I’ve beenlive streaming correct here in the identical spot for several weeks alternatively than downin the predominant garden considering the fact that it is only manner too sizzling to carry all of my gear downthere my mobile overheat so this is really right external of our kitchen onour deck and it seems to be working thus far so as soon as the climate cools down wewill head back out to the principal backyard and movement once more from there however for nowthis is working with none interruptions in the flow so let mejust see who’s here today i do know we’ve got people right here from all over the place the world Isaw some persons right here from Germany neasha from up north piano master asleepNarwhal without end is right here Pat Sela has becomes here each single week IsaiahAngela Ashley is mostly right here per week royal healthful residing from North Carolinathanks a lot for becoming a member of us i do not take into account seeing you on right here beforeso welcome let me see who else Randy from Kazmir Washingtonand Gulf Coast of Texas Carol Stanford and if you are from Germany i know you’rehere someplace however i don’t don’t forget your title if that you can simply establish yourselfbut I fairly do wish to welcome folks a beautiful Alice moon hello are you i am here toour Monday livestream and at present I suggestion i’d just take a few momentsto answer one of the most most of the time requested questions this week a lot of instances inthe movies I get the equal questions time and again so I notion i’d just takea second I consider I picked out three of them Oh from Cape city that’s excitingRichard hello how are you welcome Ladon is from Jacksonville from MyrtleBeach boy the place this is beautiful exciting who’s from Myrtle seaside I simply missedthat there Christian Brown so that is lovely exciting to have folks hereeveryone’s getting serious about fall gardening so in these days i’ll answerthree questions that i have from the feedback this week on YouTube andactually I pulled one from Instagram as good that I get get requested over and overagain so I proposal that may perhaps be helpful so earlier than we though I dolike to learn more often than not I remember to decide upon a viewer of the week a commentthat particularly touched me from the videos for the duration of the week and that i reallyliked this one this man or woman was simply so enthusiastic and fairly reallyencouraging to me so this person’s title is Cheryl Smith and Cheryl commented shesaid hello Kim I respect you so much and i am so grateful for your movies I’vebeen a gardener for a long time but I had certainly not ventured into vegetablegardening except this prior spring I started with two four by way of 4 raisedbeds after staring at you acquired so occupied with intelligent pots I purchased a couple of seedcollections from you along with a signature CaliKIm smart pot presently I’mhaving a ball staring at bush beans house master cucumbers and warmth tolerantgreens Thumbelina zinnias and even my own butternut squash and zucchinigrowing from seed thank you for your entire encouragement and gardening knowledgethat you’re sharing with us and let me inspire you that it is soclear to me that you’re doing what God created you to do rock on sister soCheryl I just want to thank you so much that was simply so encouraging no longer onlythat you’re so serious about growing your own foodand growing it from seed which i do know plenty of you guys can relate who haverecently began developing from seed there’s just some thing about seeingthose little seeds germinate damage via the soil figuring out that youplanted them and that you’re going to nurture them and develop them intovegetables that you may devour so just super unique i am quite happy with younot only that growing from seed there may be so many more varieties that you may growa lot greater than the little transplants which you could select up from the garden centerso many unique colors so many special sizes and styles and varieties ofvegetables so I wanna I wish to simply inspire you and applaud you in yourefforts and thanks so much on your encouragement on your constructive wordsthat rather method so much to digital camera-man and i feel it or no longer it relatively keepsus stimulated encourages us and particularly helps us keep on making the gardencontent that we make a week for you guys so earlier than we get started on the faQ’s i wish to exhibit you some seeds that i started virtually a week ago correctly ishowed you the this little tray last weeknothing used to be sprouted but so consider it or now not guys in just a week’s time lookat the progress I imply it can be in order that high-quality to peer these things bustthrough the soil I’ve without a doubt had these inside below develop lights these are coolweather vegetables which we’ll get to the that in only a moment however these arevegetables that are good to develop in the fall when the climate will get cooler soI’ve received some some broccoli cauliflower collards cabbage some peas and somekohlrabi right here so these are all part of my fall backyard seed collection so supereasy to start from seed you need to use these little seed cells or you could uselittle cups put some potting mix in them that you may even use peat pellets if youwant and you might be just right to move with establishing from seed it’s really not asdifficult as you consider in fact it is super tremendous easy and i’ve obtained plenty ofvideos on how to do this k so let’s jump right into a query andthen we’ll leap into the chat in between the questions that i’m answering fromthe videos that is sensible okay so main proper into fall gardeningokay this one was once honestly from Instagram tons of good stuff going onInstagram this one is from Jessica rofl it is Jessica and then rofol if youwant to determine out our Instagram what fall seed should I plant within the PacificNorthwest okay and this can be a question I absolutely received particularly a little this weekpeople are questioning what do I need to planting now it is gonna be coolweather beautiful quickly what seed must I plant now I want to simply clear up onelittle tiny misconception is that there’s now not designated seeds that youwould plant like in the fall or within the cool weather in California versus thePacific Northwest versus Michigan versus new york new york or New Jersey the keyabout cool climate vegetables is that they’re just that cool weathervegetables so if you’re brand new to gardening a bit of bit of informationhere is that there may be some veggies that love the nice and cozy climate like tomatoespeppers cucumbers squash eggplant and there’s some greens that love thecooler climate that may be temperatures which are beneath seventy-fivedegrees and people can be things just like those I simply showed you right here thelittle peas which are sprouting they develop great in the cool weather underseventy-5 levels Fahrenheit and we’ve got bought the broccoli cauliflowercabbage lettuce loves the cool climate i’m radishes and carrots like coldweather higher so so long as your your temperature is seventy five degrees or beneath thecou different vegetables are gonna do very well and correctly a lot of them will eventake some mild Frost’s so it is not quite a subject of what what fallvegetables you should plant in what a part of the nation nevertheless it’s extra a questionof what are the temperatures like where you’re at proper now here in Californiait’s nonetheless heat k and get in touch with me crazy for opening coolweather greens however I began these definitely inside underneath grow lightsbecause it’s manner too sizzling to grow them outside right now and the rationale whyI’m doing that’s when you consider that in about six weeks they are gonna grow and be my ownlittle transplant that i can plant within the garden so itsaves me quite a lot of time so in the Pacific Northwest i would think that it’s going to begetting cool mainly in September into October if now not faster see we definitelywant to get a few of these cooler veggies going right nowand if it’s above seventy five degrees the place you are living you don’t want to plant themoutside but given that they may be no longer going to develop them within underneath grow lightsget them going and that manner when the cool climate hits in about six weeksyou are gonna be equipped you won’t be it is going to save you about six weeks of timebecause you will not need to start from seed you’ll be able to have little transplantsready now that you could obviously plan quite a few these from seed correct in your gardenbed so i might endorse commencing some now then when the climate cools off toaround 75 levels or below plant some more seeds instantly to your garden thatway you hold the harvest coming you can have these plants to harvest mostly inabout eight weeks after which once these plants are completed you’ll be able to have some more to takeits position so chiefly when you’ve got early frost dates i know numerous youare most commonly get frost in October probably some persons even inSeptember get them founded now considering numerous them will take andsurvive a mild frost so it is rather principal that you just get those fall gardenseeds started ASAP critically guys do not extend even one single day becauseyou’re gonna be so so comfortable when you have those fog backyard that fog gardengoing and you still are gonna have some greens even when you get these fewlight Frost’s so a number of you i know are already growing with my fall backyard seedcollection and guys that is really a nice value right here there is 15varieties of cool other vegetables in here it costs round 20 dollars andtoday i’m having a sale virtually the earnings been going for walks all weekend 15% offall of my seed collections use code "squash" and which you could clutch these over on my website at calikimgardenandhome.Com and i have taken the entire guesswork out of it for you youdon’t must wonder about what cool weather vegetables to purchase they’re allright here on this fall backyard seed assortment so grab one and i am runningsome some income a lot more quite often this present day so I particularly wish to help youguys get going for an have enough money full cost i do know routinely things canadd up however these are a particularly excellent worth it is a bit of bit greater than a greenback asa seed packet while you put the discount on there so grab one in these days the sale goesthrough midnight Pacific time (w code "squash") okay so let’s head into the chat right here seewhat questions you guys have that i can answer are living and we can see I additionally wantto hear what seeds you’ve got going already on your backyard i know lots ofyou have already been planting which is wonderful you in no way need to want to runout of those recent veggies to harvest so let me be aware of what you’re harvesting letme comprehend what you’re planting and how things are going on your garden okaylet’s see right here do you this is from Charles do you have got atake on trellises for containers melon squash snap peas i’m a renter with aconcreted outdoor please aid if that you may on Charles sure I without a doubt do I amright right here on my patio and we genuinely did a whole small area garden series inthis very place a few yr ago and gave a gap all sorts of particularly greattrellis suggestions that work fantastically for a deck or patio so ensure you go backand watch that sequence however I do have a little trellis right here at the back of me Ijust pulled some historic useless cucumbers off that trellis final night planting somebrand-new ones that is simply a couple of tree branches and an historical bamboo polethat I had sitting around I formed it into just a little teepee you will see that at thetop there it can be like in a triangle tied it collectively on the top caught it in acontainer and it I’ve had it for several years and it works rather really wellyou can use numerous exceptional matters these planters right at the back of me go rightover a deck railing they’re referred to as wall saddle planters smart pots makes themyou can get them at smart pots calm and i have a reduction code you should utilize forthat to be able to be in the video description right here which you can additionally use anytype of I did a rather first-rate video per week or so ago on six vegetation you canplant in August has some super convenient trellis recommendations in there and there may be allkinds of movies on my youtube channel on the way to make trellises so i’m surethere’s gonna be lots in there for you that you could put like a mesh kind panel upin between containers or to your railing there’s so many simple matters you could doto save yourself space and develop a number of vegetables for your patio and i do wantto applaud you for developing to your patio which you can rather grow quite a bit in containersso a nice job there ok Nisha hello Nisha harvesting about 20Tomatoes and we are going to harvest the fuse first cucumber Nisha is doing an amazingjob in Nisha correct me if i am flawed however are not you developing all in containers aswell so she’s doing a great job with her backyard up in Northern California okaythis is a question from lei sorry my screens a bit bit hard to peer ie Ihave stated i would now not query oh no I sewed all of my seeds in the ground of peascarrots radishes beets and lettuce two weeks in the past here in Kansas was once that wrongokay Leigh it particularly is determined by what the temperature is that if it is nonetheless sizzling therethey might take a bit of little bit of overtime to come up they’re no longer going togrow actual well and temperatures over 75 or 80 levels what you are able to do although ifyou’re nonetheless having sizzling weather they usually start to germinate is coloration them eitherput some variety of color fabric over it put it on briella over it and that wayyou’re all competent once the temperatures do settle down however don’t count on loads offast development in hot temperatures you may need to select some extra seeds up and justget someplace going you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket simply tomake definite you have got received some backup crops in case it does get approach too scorching and theyabsolutely fry ok let me take an extra oh and by the way I need to thankeverything sunflowers and extra she’s back this week we overlooked her final weekbut she’s again moderating again and simply as a exotic job so thanks so muchChristy for being our wonderful distinguished moderator k one morequestion then we will head again to the fa Q’s ok let’s see here numerous peoplein containers that’s enjoyable you guys are doing any such great job ok howshould I control slugs from Malaya okay slugs I should not have a tremendous situation withthose but I used to have a massive problem and what i would do is clearly type offun go out at night two flashlights and just select off allthe slugs that you can just to get them out of your garden as a lot as possibleanother little thing you can do is make little beer traps I understand it sounds crazybut cut off the bottom of a water bottle pour some beer in there after which sort ofhalfway bury that within the soil the slugs are entice and snails as a topic offact are drawn to the scent of it they fall in they drown and thenhopefully you haven’t any more slugs on your garden so give that a tryhopefully it really works for you and it labored particularly good for us while you had thatproblem okay let me head back and answer an extra question oh a further factor Iwanted to claim in regards to the cool different veggies versus the warm weathervegetables I meant to say this quite a lot of you guys comprehend i have a new bookcoming out called healthy Gardening for Eeveryone and that i do have a section inthere about cool different vegetables versus heat weather vegetables it’s a greatresource for you guys it is going to be launched in December however quite a few youalready pre-ordered it I want to thank you very so much here’s a little bit postcardof the cover and we’re fairly happy with this quilt camera guy as well as mydaughter took all of the pix for the booklet 2 hundred and fifty colorphotographs but there’s plenty of in-depth knowledge in there that canreally help you guys out so i would really encourage you to head ahead and preorderthis there may be all kinds of links on my internet site to the place that you could pre-order andthat way i know ordering from Amazon you you get your copy like the day it’sreleased you don’t ought to look ahead to it so go over and take hold of bat that we allkinds of exceptional gardening understanding in there that’ll fairly help you with yourspring backyard next year i do know loopy we’re speaking about that proper okay herewe go query number two and this question used to be asked again and again againthis is from Prasad Mahadevan on YouTube okay guys I particularly favored your hack for atrellis and i’ll give an explanation for what that trellis isn’t just a second nonetheless HomeDepot and New Jersey had no inspiration what ladder mesh is and could not in finding oneonline on their website ok so this was from the video we posted a few weekago on six plants to plant in August those were all vegetation that are warmweather vegetables develop quick so that you could get a harvest in befor the cool weather hits for your discipline and one of the crucial things I prompt doingis in case your garden beds are full it is now not a problemgrow vertically and that i set up a particularly simple trellis that i’m absolutely inlove with it rate about six greenbacks and it took me literally about 5 minutesto set up so in case you overlooked that video you need to be certain you go over andwatch that however I used some thing known as ladder mesh it’s about a 10 foot pieceof I consider it’s some kind of a wire and it can be really light-weight I strung two ofthem together to make a particularly high-quality arch I obtained mine at dwelling Depot and i I’ve hadso many questions of men and women who could not find it I needed to ask at the contractorsdesk for it and exhibit them a photograph that I pulled up online it is on-line at theirwebsite and i will put a link in the video description if Kristy has that hyperlink ifshe might pop that in right now it can be on their website can also be on Lowe’s websitebut I did have to ask on the contractor contractors desk they usually had it stuckway back in a nook somewhere so make certain you ask on the contractors deskshow them the links i’m going to pop in right here and it you guys are gonna find it irresistible Ipicked up about six portions I think and made three trellises it’s more commonly theeasiest trellis I ever made and absolutely one of the vital least expensiveand I see Katherine right here is asking it is going to masonry reinforcements ladder meshokay thank you a lot I thank you for the clarification might be they’ll comprehend itby that title i’m no longer really a development man or woman so I have no idea theofficial names for those forms of things however the link could have the whole lot youneed and which you can take that to house Depot and exhibit them and with a bit of luck that willhelp um a metal remesh sheet okay I do have the sheets as well the the muchwider sheets I don’t know there is surely a change within the widthI’ve used the broader sheets to make tomato cages out it but this is a realnarrow one it maybe about I have no idea maybe six or maybe 9 inches wideand ten ft lengthy so surely do your research there snatch the hyperlinks and headto your house Depot or your Lowe’s retailer and with a bit of luck you can be competent to search out oneand select one up and they would robust for a patio when you consider that you couldjust stick them in two extraordinary containers and then that you would be able to growsomething for your container for instance you could you would put it like in thisedge of the container and make slightly arch over to a further container and stillhave anything growing correct here so it rather does support you maximize yourgrowing area so let me guys know how that how it goes there and discovering thatladder mesh k all right let’s see if we acquired some more questions here fromGina Wonderman hi Gina how’s it going one in all my zucchini crops in a raisedbed exploded with leaves and that i needed to cut off some so the bees can find theflowers however I had no longer one single fruit okay what could be the trouble alrighthopefully it’s only a subject of time earlier than the bees to find those flora andstart to pollinate commonly the male flowers excuse me the male flowersappear first they can be their first for even up to every week or so before thefemale plants which have the little fruit attached on the bottom show up soyou might also upon getting the plants when you’ve got a male and a female floweryou may also hand pollinate and you could go and examine my video I feel it’scalled growing watermelon in a large container and i did a littledemonstration in that video on how you can hand pollinate so try that and i knowwaiting is often the hardest a part of gardening however expectantly i will get somefruit alongside particularly soon okay Gina just right luck with thatokay piano grasp hello I simply planted butternut squash spaghetti squashcucumbers marigolds lettuce cabbage cantaloupe beans Wow bell pepperstomatoes I do not have a frost date so I plant the whole lot this time of the yearokay you and me both piano man pleasant job you don’t ever want to expire ofvegetables to harvest so for those who are living in an subject the place you don’t have a frostdate and i forgot to mention that with my first pointa lot of us reside like Southern California Texas Arizona we don’t get alot of frost here so which you could usually plant some thing the cool other vegetablesdo satisfactory right here within the southern climates in the wintertime so relatively our primefor southern gardeners our high cool weather season ismember to March so despite the fact that I’ve acquired those these veggies coming correct nowwe’ll be getting some more going quickly for backups given that I don’t know ifthese are gonna make it seeing that it is still beautiful sizzling here so piano mangreat job i like how you are just preserving on planting okayand also Kristy I have no idea when you already completed this or no longer however the theFarmers Almanac website has a frost date calculator for US and Canada all youhave to do is enter your zip code and that you could find out when the primary frostdate is on your area in order that way you understand k I’ve obtained tomatoes plantedright now it is gonna frost in October I wish to make sure I get all my tomatoesharvested by using then and possibly even cover my plant if i’m expecting a frost sothat means it does not get damaged so invariably preserve a watch on the climate and onthose frost dates ok guys k um let’s examine might be one other query andthen we will go back to our third FAQ k let’s have a look at here my pepper crops keepdropping their vegetation okay if it can be really scorching and this is from AM M key Ithink if it is quite sizzling ie over 90 degrees quite a few vegetation dodrop their plants so like tomatoes cucumbers peppers if you have them inthe Blazing solar their most plans don’t do too well so be certain that you simply’reusing some sort of shade cloth once the climate hits ninety levels that you may decide on upsome on Amazon you can use a sheer curtain that you could even use an old bedsheetnow mattress sheets won’t permit any sun to get by way of however that color material orthose sheer curtains will so that means it will block out one of the solar’s raysand support safeguard your plants from the extreme warmth but still give them somesunshine so that they hold on producing it works rather well use it everywhere mygarden at any time when the temps climb which they will be doing this weekokay let’s do a different FAQ here and it is a query I getall the time a few times this week so I fairly hope this answer helps you guysso this is a quick query from Zones seven this man or woman is my ex here fivesixteen let’s have a look at a fast question from Zone seven i have some Bush cucumberseedlings developing and used to be wondering if they are going to have ample time to maturebefore the first frost loving the collabs incidentally okay so this personcommented Gary from the rustic garden and that i posted a different collab video thisweek about cucumber suggestions and we mentioned tips for serving to control diseasefor aid growing productivity and it was quite a variety of enjoyable video to shoot Iknow quite a lot of you might be having fun with the collab so thanks very so much for sayingthat you love these it was once very very fun now cucumber is just a little bit ofinformation about them is that they go from seed to reap in about six to eightweeks so that’s one intent why I advise planting them right here late in thesummer due to the fact they are fast developing and that you could as a rule get a 2d round ofthem going before the weather gets cool in your field if it will get cold so i am whatyou need to do once more is determine that frost date ok so if you happen to’ve obtained frost abouteight weeks out you should still be capable to get a excellent crop of cucumbers in beforethe climate gets cold so do not waste a different day and ensure you plant somecucumber seeds in these days and that is why I designed the late summer time garden seedcollection and for these rapid developing vegetables that you may seize a kind of aswell so undoubtedly preserve an eye fixed to your frost date after which gauge what you’regoing to plant as a result so investigate your frost date and then back as much as in these days’sdate and check the again of your seat packet to look how lengthy it takes thoseseeds particular greens to mature after which plant a plan your what you’regoing to be planting hence okay let’s return and answer some questionswe’ve bought a few minutes left in a are living stream and i would like to be ready to getthrough as many questions as we will here here’s one from Debbie wheeler hi Debbieliving in Hawaii grants challenges grateful for all of the troppo challengesfor cold weather veggies i’m grateful for all the tropical fruitsI am harvesting in my backyard bananas dragon fruit and papayas oh my goodnessthat sounds robust the tropical fruit has obtained to bea pleasure fully hear what you’re announcing aboutchallenges for cool weather vegetables it’s difficult right here as wellwhen you have got scorching climate all year round you may also wish to simply plan a combinationof both and maybe grow your cool different vegetables in an area where you get justmorning sun and afternoon colour and that you may traditionally keep your quite a lot of yourwarm weather veggies growing all 12 months I have no idea when you if you are growing atomato vegetation however one tomato that grows quite speedy that is one of my favoritesis the Tiny Tim and that i do have one developing proper right here that has plant wasplanted might be a month or so in the past and they go from seed to reap in about sixweeks so if you are looking for a speedy tomato Debbie these are excellent these arein my the late summer season backyard seed assortment you could also choose some upwith these smart pots right here and spot they’re already got little flora onthem and they must be getting little Tomatoes rather soon so this can be a greatlittle tiny tim dwarf tomato certainly one of my favorites i know a variety of you grown tooand they may be very prolific they have got quite small little cherry tomatoes it’sa determinant tomato so once it sets its fruit the plant stops growing but itdoes truely hold producing fruit over a couple of period of a month or so soreally a good productive little kind of powerhouse of a tomato so highlyrecommend that type so Debbie you could readily plant those late summergarden veggies proper now the cucumbers some squash tomatoes the beans will beperfect for you right now and simply hold your cool their veggiesmaybe inishmore of a shaded field okay let’s seeSan Francisco first time making the live chat well that is best and i am trying toread your name right here at my reveal I received to determine to keep my display brightfor the whole are living circulate from i am sorry I cannot read your name here eitherthat or my eyes are getting dangerous which is perpetually a good possibility but welcome Iam so pleased you are here we’ve got so much enjoyable right here in the chat guys don’t we I’mhere within the chat about a quarter till we begin at midday pacific time i’m hereabout eleven:forty five just answering a question announcing hello seeing how everyone’s gardenis doing so show up early set a reminder in your calendar to join us on theMondays we particularly have a first-class time it’s a excellent group to be part of okaylet’s see Angela it certainly not gets taller than a foot or so ok I ought to havemissed the opening of that conversation Tiny Tim tomatoes wowthat’s fine she has or they have got two tomatoes onmine from June July and even a number of ripening now wow that is extremely good it isreally an amazing tomato and a first-class one to grow within the wintertime in southernclimates what I ordinarily do is i’ve I get just a few going in the condominium deliver themoutside in the course of the day and then we do get nights like in the 30s and 40s I’llbring them within and so they simply kind of go backward and forward with them throughoutthe day and in most cases i will have tomatoes for a lot of the wintertime so it can be areally pleasant iciness tomato for this different gardeners too ok from nesha hiKim subsequent week i’m touring should I hold my color fabric on temps are goingto be within the high 80s um you’re regularly excellent Nisha until you believe you recognize thetemps are going to be always above 90 I believe you are most likely excellent to takeit off so just assess the weather for your field keep a watch on it and i do not knowif you may have any one that may simply examine in for your garden for you at the same time you’regone but um that will be extremely good okay oh andeverything sunflowers Kristy is in the live circulation at 11 o’clock Pacific timethat’s why I told you guys she’s an excellent moderator seeing that she’s here at 11o’clock Pacific time within the chat saying hello to everyone welcoming everyonechatting up about your garden so when you have the time jump in at 11:00 Kristywill be here and i do know a variety of people do become a member of in about 11:00 as well ok sothank you so much Christine all correct Vivian my spring garden just startedproducing very sluggish this 12 months ok Vivian I hear yeah we simply had areally sluggish 12 months too so it is so elegant on the climate in case you hadmaybe a cloudy spring or an awfully cool spring like we did here your gardensgonna be slower so don’t suppose dangerous about that just appreciate that it’s differentfor all people numerous individuals are harvesting big humongous Tomatoes I’mnot there yet mine are simply starting to return on so do not think unhealthy don’t supply upthat’s what we’re here for is to relatively inspire each and every other Ohoh we’ve a perfect chat right here thank you a lot let me see what that’s this isfrom Von hi Von i stalking the chat prior a super chat for 1999 ThankYou Kim and Jerry for the entire videos it’s so educational and informative Istarted in my gardening final yr given that of you and my husband developed metwo raised beds final yr and constructing yet another on our restricted space that isawesome Vaughn i am so pleased that you’re right here i’m so completely satisfied that you just startedgardening so interesting to be a part a little bit part of that that we were equipped toencourage you to along with your backyard first-rate job and thanks a lot for thesuper chat that is so exquisite ok this is a query from Ali and Ioh oh you are the one from Germany hi how are you and right above that we haveCatarina at three:30 a.M.In Australia oh my gosh you’re observing within the core ofthe night time thanks so Ali’s question is do all nut trees need a ton of water arethere some for dry areas Ollie i have certainly not grown nut timber earlier than so I reallycan’t reply with any form of talents on that question so if someone is herethat’s ever grown nut timber would support Ollie out and provides him a bit adviceon that please do so that’s one pleasant factor about this community every body whoreally helps every different out oh my gosh with individuals here from India your yourVashi 1 a.M. In India Wow Oh Ondine i know i am doing terrible withthese names guys 4:30 a.M.In Korea you guys are so dedicated thank you so muchI particularly appreciate it that’s just exceptional to hear individuals from all overthe world ok Andrea do Tiny Tim tomatoes must beat relased additionally howmany crops can go in a 5 gallon shrewd pots k Andrea a first-class questionI must have mentioned that here I surely yes I do have three in right here andone purpose I did that is because I had so many seedlings I did not have anywhereto put them so I stuck them in right here to get them slightly bit bigger so yes Iwill be honestly transplanting these and they usually’re really convenient to drag out ofthese containers this soil here is the nice dust soil so it’s so so free it’sgoing to be fairly effortless to tug these out i’ll pop some in another one of myCallie Kim five-gallon intelligent so they don’t want trellis like a normaltomato does I do nonetheless like to position some kind of small stake in them becauseonce they get loaded down with tomatoes and they do get relatively loaded down withtomatoes they do tend to get heavy and variety of fall over so they’re best gonnagrow to about two feet tall however seize any variety of steak you could have stick it in hereand tie it to the stake and it can be gonna be much better given that of it sohopefully so one can support you in the market and i suppose it did get another supershot there while I used to be speaking thank you a lot we see who that’s lose oh mygoodness she has been super chatting like practically every week 499 lose thankyou so much I adored seeing her portraits on Instagram along with your daughter growingin your backyard they grow in a lot of the Cali Kim smart pots which you can grabon my internet site too and as she’s consistently sending encouraging feedback encouragingemails sending pictures so it can be really particularly extraordinary thank you a lot okayI had a query here I noticed the place could I get the great dust soil in New Jerseyokay Nikki they do have it in some goal outlets I understand it’s a seasonalproduct in target shops so investigate your regional goal retailer however that you may alwaysget it at on excellent dirts internet site good – good – filth dot oh man I continually forgettheir internet site but in the event you look up excellent dust you’re gonna find it and we are going to havethe links in the video description there I do have a chit code or a discountcode for that it’s "calikim10" you could get a discount it is it is the bestpotting mix that i have ever used guys and i handiest use things that act that workokay guys i don’t use stuff that doesn’t work and i reef and that i allow you to guys knowabout it due to the fact that i would like you to make use of matters that work too so that is the mixit’s certainly effective it’s high-quality and loose and any one was truely justasking me about potting mixes this is particularly the only one I advise it can be alittle bit more up front but the intent why is on account that it lasts you for yearsI’ve been growing in the equal soil and my containers here for customarily going onI wish to say three years now I usually add a bit of bit moreto the top once I replant it does now not get compacted it is potent it retainswater like crazy which is so beneficial right here in California i don’t ought to waternear as in general and you’ll save money with these things considering you are no longer goingto be spending money on baggage of potting soil year after yr after 12 months you canreuse it time after time it is amazing stuff I definitely find it irresistible and that i highlyrecommend it to any individual grinding containers and also you they’ve soil forin-ground backyard as well so assess them out for definite okay let’s see a couplemore questions here my hands are all dirty with this good filth it can be high-quality andChrissy just popped there there links there in the chat thanks so muchChris T and let’s examine here i’m watching for some more questionscan I begin early with out woman lights from moon shadow i’m assuming you meanyour fall garden seeds moon shadow you it depend once more it is dependent upon theweather the place you reside if it’s nonetheless scorching external i’d tremendously recommendstarting indoors these were below grow lights you are gonna have muchbetter outcome with grow lights you would are attempting them in a sunny window butyour sunny window will frequently get too sizzling for them but don’t be intimidatedabout the concept of developing grow lights guys it isn’t that difficultI’ve got a high-quality video it can be very low priced to set up all the hyperlinks arein the video description so just search grow lights on my channel and installed asuper tremendous effortless grow mild system for your condo and your vegetation are gonnathank you for it you’ll be able to have these wonderful transplants in no time okayguys okay let’s see right here sure we have now been with excellent dirt for years nowabsolutely find it irresistible and i fairly do not wish to use another potting soil okaywhat is an effective size for a traditional raised bed it rather relies on how so much spaceyou have Jerry and i made a particularly excellent dimension raised bed over the summer time you guyscan catch that video and i feel it’s a few 2 by way of four fits perfectly in a nicesmall spot we now have a four by way of 4 is typically ideal if you have that type of spacebecause that you could attain across it from any side which you could which you could you know attain into themiddle to tend to your vegetation from any side but it surely quite just is determined by howmuch space you have got that you may obviously build one bigger they’re rather effortless tobuild so go assess out that video the one we developed rate us most often about fifteendollars and it failed to did not take us lengthy at all to construct so incredibly recommendjumping in doing it and you will be amazed at how handy it’s you want tobuild raised beds for the relaxation of your lifestyles seriously guys we actually builtone and gave it to our neighbor it used to be just an strong little raised bed okaylet’s see here a couple more questions then we will signal off don’t forget guystake capabilities of my sale today final day 15% off (with code "squash") all seed collections andthese unusual Callie Kim clever pots these are best little pots to develop ineven simply to develop your developing house if you have already got if you are growing inyour in floor backyard stick these external your your kitchen door they’reokay katarina will hiking beans develop okayin summer season yes that is the high-quality time for beans beans are heat weather vegetablethey love the summer time my bean seed collection has two specific sorts ofclimbing beans one’s a runner bean the scarlet runner beans which might be doingvery good on the heat they may be just kind of commencing to come to an finish butthey’re doing awesome i’m going to more often than not replant those and that i even have a Kentuckypull bean which is a tall climbing bean so yeah summertime is superb okayfrom real healthy dwelling do you sell seeds in my view no i do not I foundjust to make it more rate-amazing for me and to make it simpler for individuals Iput them in collections as my collections variety from five sorts onup to 15 varieties so normally any form of vegetable you wish to have to buy I havea seed assortment for it that you could examine that out over at Kelly Kim backyard homecomm okay guys let’s have a look at if there could also be one last question right here am i able to keep seedsI purchased from this spring for subsequent spring from Amy yes that you can Amy usuallyseeds are good for a couple of years so long as you’re storing themin a style of a Kulish dark location i do not relatively store mine in a cool position so Idon’t have an excellent cool situation in my house excluding being anair-conditioning however you don’t want to store them in direct sunlight oranything like that mine are just in a cupboard tucked away in my in my livingroom they usually store just exceptional for up to a couple of years so if you have springseeds or fall seeds from final yr obviously keep planting them k guysthat goes to do it for us in these days I just wish to thank you guys for joiningus what a first-rate time what a best crew how so much enjoyable it is I fairly hope youguys are becoming your fall seeds planted your late summer seeds planted andthings are going really fairly well for you in your garden so we can be backhere subsequent Monday at midday pacific time and we will have a couple movies inbetween so make sure you’re testing our youtube and our instagrams and we soappreciate you guys joining us today o.K. Guys thanks we will see you nextweek bye bye

How to Make Beautiful HANGING PLANTER | DIY Flower Garden Idea | DIY Planter Idea//GREEN PLANTER

Welcome back to my channel on this video i will show you how to make a stunning striking planters here some A4 dimension obvious sheets now i’ll make them as cones applying super glue to paste the edges making use of the percentglue for robust bonding on the edges making the hole for placing after the glue absolutely dried put the first layer of colored stones put the potting soil and planting after planting , we will show them in a pitcher bowl subsequent , connect the placing thread by means of the hanging gap watering the crops thanks for gazing