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OL Flooring

2′ x 4′ Poultry Plastic Flooring that Optimizes Bird Performance

This is Double L’s red hen chicken flooring. They arrive in 2 foot through four foot sections. It has a 50% opening for fine manure filtration. The openings are three/4" with the aid of 3/four" and can be utilized with any size of fowl. They come with bolstered premolded screwholes for rapid meeting. Made with out a ruin polypropylene gives ita gentle, nonporous surface which is handy to scrub and disinfect. The noncorrosive material won’t harborbacteria, rot, rust, or soak up water like wood slats. 4 foot sections will also be effectively carried outof the chook condominium for cleaning with vigor washers while not having to disassemble the ground. For your entire poultry ground desires, ask forDouble L’s purple chicken flooring..