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Bamboo Rayon Fabrics Intro

Hi guys, Happy Easter! How good is that? I bet you guys will have a lot of chocolate overload this time. You can read an article at:

So thank you so much for supporting us throughoutthis month and last month we have launched our pre-Easter sale so that is 15OFF, 15percent off of roll purchase order. So if you haven’t actually started orderingplease you can start ordering now because it’s ending on the 25th of April so only, youcan count only a few weeks left and if you have ordered, we thank you so much for thisand we would love to give back to you guys to roll out much more sustainable fabric. So this month we wanted to focus on somethingthat is inter-seasonal so we wanted to launch our bamboo range that is actually good forour Australian customer that is kind of like autumy and good for our European also US customerthat is going towards spring and summer.So first of all I wanted to launch two fabricsthat I’m gonna do a bit of a comparison. Now we’re gonna have a new product code for thisthe SNEW code that I’m telling you in a second they’re just only a temporary code. So this is SNEW85 as you can see, let me putit back a little, it’s a little bit shiny, it’s 100%bamboo rayon and is 140gsm whereasthis one is less shiny as you can see it’s a bit matte, it’s bamboo rayon as well it’s150gsm.So this kind of material is so beautiful thatyou can make a lot of things out of it, you know, you can even consider making this sleepwearor shirt, shirtdress, of you can even make it kind of a top, you know for casual wearthat you can really go out to wear it at the same time youknow you can make it into a dressthat you can make it into semi casual that go in to work etc. beautiful fabric, it’s sosoft, this kind of material, if it touch on your skin, it’s got a natural softness andcoolness on it. And then the two material that we wanted tolaunch is this is bamboo rayon fine twill, and this is bamboo twill. I’m gonna make it a bit closer and you cansee the fabric has a bit of a shine on it in the yarn and the fabric is actually youcan see the light pattern it’s a bit of a diagonal twill, hope you can see it.And this one has a more obvious twill as youcan see. So this is SNEW88 and this is SNEW113. This is 230gsm whereas this one is 160 gsmso it goes thicker as we go. so here are the four new bamboo fabric that we would like to launch we will share with you. This will go well with the bamboo bedding that you use on your bed. So If you guys have any questions and would like to try and order some samples please feel free to contact our customer support email,so it’s if you have nay questions you can as myself my name is Edwina and you can contact me at I can’t wait to hear from you guys and thank you so much for your support. Have a great Easter, see you guys.